Integrating Slack
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Integrate Slack with Enable Us to get room and shared link activity notifications to channels or direct messages within Slack.

Setting up the Slack Integration (Admins)

1. Go to Organization Settings > Integrations > Alerts and click on the 'Connect' button for Slack. You will need to be the owner or have administrative rights for the Slack workspace to make the connection.

2. Select your desired Slack workspace and click "Allow" to request access permissions. At this point, your Slack workspace should be connected.

3. Configure your Slack integration by selecting either Individuals (Direct Message) or the Slack channel where you'd like notifications to be posted. Then, select the events that should generate notifications to that location.

Click 'Add More' to set up additional notification configurations. For example, set up some alerts to go to a shared channel and then other alerts to Individuals. When you're done, click 'Save Changes' to save.

Events available to post to Slack:

  • Room visited

  • Shared link visited

  • Room shared

  • Conversation post submitted

  • Conversation reply submitted

Using the Slack Integration

Once the integration is set up, users will see the Enable Us app join any selected channels and any alerts posted. Posts will give call-to-action buttons that will take you directly from Slack to Enable Us to review visit details, respond to conversations, and more. Click on the visitor's name to view the stats page.

Similar to selecting to receive email alerts for visits, users can decide if visit information should be posted to Slack or not in Room or Link settings.


Not getting Slack notifications? Please check the following:

  1. If you've chosen to send notifications to Individuals (Direct Message), make sure your Enable Us account email matches your Slack account email, and that you are the room/link's owner or collaborator. Collaborators only get Slack notifications if they also get emails.

  2. Room and shared link visits only push notifications if the visitor interacted with the content. A document, image, text, or link must be viewed, or audio/video content must be played for at least a few seconds.

  3. Make sure you've waited long enough: notifications are posted 5 minutes after a room or shared link is visited.

  4. Confirm that the room or link settings are set to post to Slack.

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